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Hi, my name is Alfian Losari! I am a self-taught software engineer. I love all things about the intersection of technology and liberal arts. My biggest passion is building insanely great mobile apps that can solve people's problems at scale. I am a big believer in lifelong learning and growth mindset.

I began my professional programming career back then in 2015, where I had my first chance to work in a software house focusing on building a venue and schedule management app called NeatPocket for a startup company based in Los Angeles, California. I worked on building the front end Admin and Employee iOS app and also worked on some the backend using node.js and express with Typescript deployed to Google Cloud.

After almost three years of experience, I moved to Pomona, a startup based in Jakarta around 2017. I worked as their iOS engineer building the reward location-based app. At the beginning of 2018, the CTO trusted me to work on the new project building the Native Kotlin Android and React Web front end app for their brand advertising and cashback receipt platform that they launched around March and April 2018.

In August 2018, I decided to move on and join GoJek as an iOS engineer. GoJek is a Super App platform that provides services from transportation, food, payment, and entertainment in South East Asia. Currently, my focus is to build and deliver the best user experience for the product in GoJek that can help and solve people's daily problems at scale.

I also created Xcoding with Alfian YouTube channel that provides many full course videos to build Apps for Apple platforms from scratch to finish. I encourage you to also visit and subscribe to the Channel if you are interested.

You can reach out to me at alfianlosari@gmail.com.